Monday Motivator: Anticipate the Artistic Fear

Art motivational quoteWhen artist Marlene Dumas ‘first picks up her brush, she has to work through the kitsch feeling – the sheer ridiculousness and grandiosity involved in standing in front of a canvas… “The biggest difficulty for me is to be able to concentrate properly … Every time I start up again, I think: I don’t know if I know how to make a painting. …But the good thing now is I know I will feel all these things [in advance]. Otherwise I would be desperate.’

— Marlene Dumas The daring art of Marlene Dumas: duct-tape, pot bellies and Bin Laden by Rachel Cooke, Observer newspaper, 11 January 2015

This from an artist who, seven years ago was for a moment the world’s most expensive living female artist, her 1995 painting The Visitor having been sold by Sotheby’s for £3.1 million.

Confront the fear.
Acknowledge it will be there.
Paint despite to spite it.

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