Monday Motivator: Art as a Place of Boldness

“…whatever your self doubts and fears are, your negative habits and your chronic mistakes, make sure that the work itself is a place of boldness.

“Artmaking either personally or professionally should be Walter Mitty Syndrome in reverse: The dreamworld where you’re a bold and brave hero should be the work’s reality, not the other way around.

“And find some solace too in knowing that all of us wrestle with doubt and worry and fear of finishing and failing in public and showing too much of our undies accidentally and all the rest. ”

Greg Ruth. “Be Mighty”, Muddy Colours 20 April 2018

I’m far more likely to find myself thinking “why did I imagine this was a good idea?” than feeling bold and brave, but it’s continuing anyway that matters, finding out where you end up on an uncertain path. It might be amongst demons, but what if it’s not?

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Art as a Place of Boldness”

  1. Good article for today as I run around and try to get everything done, it applies to life not just art and a good reality for us to hear and remind ourselves to talke a breath and be bold and go for it.
    Your bright and beautiful daisy is so cheery on these grey Decenber days, thank you.

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