Monday Motivator: Art Contains Experiences

Monsieur P painting

“Art is a way of preserving experiences, of which there are many transient and beautiful examples, and that we need help containing.”
Quote source: Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong

This quote caught my attention as it reflects something of what I’m trying to do in my paintings, to capture the sense and memories of a location without it being only one precise moment in time. The challenge of capturing an ever-moving subject (the sea) in two dimensions without it feeling static.

At Patchings Art Festival I had someone ask how I got the white spray on one of my Minch seascapes so dimensional. I invited her to touch it as it is flat, the illusion created by layers of paint, that depth that working with glazes can produce. (I was, needless to say, well pleased with her comment.)

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