Monday Motivator: Be Brave Enough


“We do not have time to worry about whether we are entitled to or have earned the right to be in our studios creating pointless works of art … nothing is so earth shatteringly important that if it isn’t perfect or accepted by the world than it shouldn’t be done.

“… for many of us, we don’t get brave enough until we actually see the finish line of our own lives, and realize if not now, then probably never. But late-blooming bravery is ok too. Because the way I see it, when I paint, I am doing it for myself, recording, exploring, analyzing my experiences as I work my way through life.”

Ancient Artist: Is Creativity an Entitlement?

I find it impossible to be brave every single hour of every day, nor productive, nor creative, nor [insert the word of your choice here]. Some days I wish there were a reset button, give up and retreat into a well-loved book. Life, and creativity, is a sequence of ups and downs and wobbles, that relentlessly goes forward. Don’t look back too much, you can’t ever be there again. Don’t look too far forward, you may never get there. Don’t live only in the moment, because it’s a pain running out of paint. Dance and juggle, and never forget to smell the roses.

Painting Roses Viewpoint

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