Monday Motivator: Believe in It Now

Monday Motivator quote

“…the world is so in flux that our brains are filled with static and we can’t hear our own thoughts.

“…Novels pile up; they can seem like a nuisance, frivolous at best and at worst a self-indulgent way of avoiding a reality we’d rather not countenance. But it’s worth remembering that they are also the best technology we have for transmitting one person’s consciousness directly into another’s.

“Even if it seems unrealistic, or self-important, or just delusional, the act of writing implies that someone in the future will read what we’re currently in the process of writing. That future can only exist if we believe in it now.

Emily Gould, Literary Hub newsletter 9 April 2020

For novel/writing, substitute art/painting and drawing, music/playing and composing, etc.

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