Monday Motivator: Beyond the Checklist

Monday Motivator

“… the right way is the emotional way. Truly great performance isn’t rational. It’s not an exercise in project management, process improvement, or box checking. As much peace as there is in an instruction manual, that’s not where creativity and greatness lie.”

Gaping Void, “The Right Way is the Hard Way“, 6 Feb 2024

One of the things I try to do in my Higham Hall workshops is getting participants comfortable painting without a predetermined outcome, never a careful drawing that you meticulously colour in, more finding a path whilst heading in a certain direction with a set of techniques and materials. Having a few days means there’s time to wobble whilst being persuaded (occasionally a bit more like coerced) into continuing through the doubt and learning to trust yourself and the process.

It’s such a great joy to have a participant emailing me afterwards saying things such as this: “You have opened up in me the knowledge that pushing further with a painting doesn’t mean trying not to spoil it, you have taught me that it means allowing that painting to progress and develop and make way for happy accidents and to enjoy the process and not worry about the outcome.”

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