Monday Motivator: Black Isn’t For Beginners

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote“…black is a color that is best used after having some experience.”
Brad Teare, Black is a Color

“Not yet” rather than “never” I think should be the rule with black.

It all too easily gets used for shadow where other colours will be more interesting. It all too easily gets used to mix darker colours ending in dulls colours.

As a beginner, if you think you want black, try a dark blue or purple instead. After that, a chromatic black (the darkest mix you can make with blue/green/red/anything but single pigment black).

When you’ve quite a few miles under your brushes, then add black. As a colour, not as an agent of darkness. And start exploring black as an alternative blue to mix with yellow for green.

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Black Isn’t For Beginners”

  1. We can get a good shade of black mixing burnt siena with cobalt blue. If I want to darken this ‘black’ I put one layer on the top of the other. The result is a beautiful and rich black.

    1. Asking painters what there favourite mixture for a deep dark is gives an interesting range of different answers — we all have our favourite “recipe”.

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