Monday Motivator: Build Artistic Confidence with Ink (Not Pencil)

My confidence is not something I walk around in all the time, but I can call upon it in short bursts when necessary. …

My definition of confidence is “being there.” This means being in the moment and acting with intention, no distracted by second thoughts or being “in your head.” It means just moving forward confidently. It means accepting the self-doubt and fear …

Confidence comes from a mind-set of abundance …

James Victore, “Feck Perfuction”, Chapter Three:33

If you want to get more confident in your drawing, try using ink not pencil. Pencil is drawing with a safety blanket. Pencil gives you the option to erase, to change your mind and start again. As many times as you wish. Drawing with ink compells you to keep going, to accept what’s on the paper, to adapt and respond to it.

Push on until you’re ready to tear the page up in frustration (but resist the impulse and save it for at least a couple of weeks so you can judge it less emotionally). Again and again. Buy an abundance of paper* so you can keep going, focusing on the act of drawing and seeing where you end up. Use both sides of a sheet of paper.

*If your budget is tight, buy a ream of computer paper, or a roll of children’s drawing paper.

Highland cow painting in ink
By Marion.Ink

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