Monday Motivator: Celebrating Your Not-Yet-Read Books

Monday Motivator Inspirational Art Quote

“The goal of an antilibrary is not to collect books you have read … instead, it is to curate a highly personal collection of resources around themes you are curious about. Instead of a celebration of everything you know, an antilibrary is an ode to everything you want to explore.

… The vastness of the unknown can feel terrifying, which is why many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of accumulating books they haven’t read. But embracing the unknown is what drives discovery.”

Anne-Laure Le Cunff, “Building an antilibrary: the power of unread books

The same could be said for as-yet-unused art materials, that they’re a celebration of what you still want to try.

Find a balance between familiar and the unexplored. Dance with both.

Mixed media on wood panel

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