Monday Motivator: Cherry-Pick Information

Monday Motivator

“Wading through the fog of the past to cherry-pick the information you want requires hindsight, knowledge after the fact of what matters. What you need is not a journal, but a time machine.

“On some level, a journal* is a play for control. It is a fight against the fear of loss. The hoarder’s fear, that one will lose anything that might ever be useful. A fear of growing older, losing one’s youth, and forgetting. … If you are not writing it all down, the reasoning goes, constantly creating material so that it may pay dividends in the future, what the hell are you doing?

“Well, living, I suppose, which matters for writing** too.”

Dennis Tang, “Against Journaling“, Literary Hub 11/4/24

* sketchbook

Draw every day. Carry a sketchbook with you every where you go. If you’re busy, sketch for 10 minutes before you go to sleep. We’ve all encountered this advice about how you need to draw every single day or you’re doomed to mediocrity. The fear of missing a day, missing an opportunity for lack of a pencil and sketchbook. It builds with every repeat.

So don’t.

I far prefer “more days than not”, and this may be in a week or a month, even a year if you tend to hibernate during winter or life is demanding a lot from you right now.

Stress and anxiety will harm your creativity far more than not drawing every single day. Aim to enjoy the activity of drawing, not to hoard sketchbooks full of drawings.

Reference photo tree rings

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