Monday Motivator: Choosing Little Joys

Monday Motivator Inspirational Art Quote

“Choose joy. Choose it like a child chooses … the crayon to paint a sky.

“Choose it at first consciously, effortfully, pressing against the weight of a world heavy with reasons for sorrow.

“… Joy is not a function of a life free of friction and frustration, but a function of focus — an inner elevation by the fulcrum of choice. So often, it is a matter of attending to … “the little joys”; so often, those are the slender threads of which we weave the lifeline that saves us.”

Maria Popova, 14 Learnings from 14 Years of Brain Pickings

Little joys like comparing the yellows in my paintbox to lichen:

Seaside Yellows Watercolour

Like playing with shadows when I thought I was going to play with colour:

Like colour mixing for the sake of colour mixing not for creating a painting:

Warm and cool primary colours

Like the sun reflecting in the sea:

Photos Skye to Harris Ferry

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