Monday Motivator: Contented Concentration vs Fun

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“That contented concentration is what I love about making art … I don’t call it fun. My non-artist friends would invariably ask … was I having fun? True, art can feel like play, can actually be play. But I’d say fun is too frivolous [a] word for the contentment, the concentration, the peace of mind I experience when I draw or paint”

— Nell Painter, quoted in Learning To Be a Painter at 64 by Ilene Dube, Hyperallergic 30 May 2018

I have had people give me that “you’re weird” look for calling it fun, and once a landscape painter took offence at what they was perceived as a trivialising of their hard work by my using the f*n word.

I do call it fun, because fun is a serious business and we should work at having more of it in our lives. Wishing you a week filled with serious fun.

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