Monday Motivator: Counter Rushing by Sketching

Monsieur P painting

“One way I counter [a] tendency to rush is by sketching.

“… sketching is an act of seeing more closely. In choosing to sketch something, you pay attention to details you otherwise may have missed. It forces you to slow down and observe more intently, and engage with your surroundings in a new way.”

Rovina Cai, “Sketching is Seeing“, Muddy Colors 26 Feb 2022

It takes less time to snap a photo than it does to open a sketchbook and pick up your pencil. You’ve slowed down before you’ve even made the first mark.

Watersoluble ink with raindrops in a concertina sketchbook

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Counter Rushing by Sketching”

  1. Sketching has taught me to really notice, pay attention and focus on the details of nature that the unaware individual will probably
    never bother to experience. It is also a lesson in patience.

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