Monday Motivator: Creativity vs Machine

Monsieur P Artiste Monday Motivator from Marion Boddy-Evans Isle of Skye art Studio

“…creativity is antithetical to the way artificial intelligence works. We develop machine learning by feeding in data about the way people react in certain situations.

… Creativity is looking at a situation many other people have faced and trying something entirely new.

“Whether the source of creativity is a mistake of the eye, influences from childhood manifested as counterintuitive insight, or a random mash-up of life experiences, we’ll never fully understand creativity’s origin…”

Scott Belsky, How to Thwart the Robots

When painting, you can jump tangentially with “what if I…?” impulses, not just follow the rules. If it’s not working, reach out of the box for a different medium, brush, colour, something that’s “not done”.

3 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Creativity vs Machine”

  1. Love this. I got into it with my grandson because he couldn’t understand why I didn’t like doing portraits that come out looking like it was taken by a camera or painted by a computer.
    I told him if he wanted that.. he didn’t want anything from me. I do what I see and feel; if that isn’t good enough, go find another artist. Still feel that way.
    I love your stuff for that very reason.

  2. Ya, that is so, but I recently found that so many people can’t see or experience out of the box thinking or creativity. I get so frustrated with my “out of the box ” creativity and the judges judging my needlework , embroidery ,etc.,that my creative initiatives are now slowly melting away.

    1. Unfortunately some people can’t see over the top of their boxes. You have to find a group of people who do, find the like-minded rather than let the boxed=in folk dictate. It might have to be an online group rather than real-life, or you may have to create it yourself and set the rules. Your creativity isn’t the problem, never has been.

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