Monday Motivator: Be More Curious

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“When we get curious about something, we tend to find some energy and some interest in what we?re doing. … What if we shifted at any moment and became curious about things?

“What I find to be a helpful device in nurturing my curiosity in any activity or moment is to actually lay that out as an intention. I ask myself, ‘what if I were more curious right now?’ And I?ll just think of a few questions about what?s going on that helps me pay closer attention…”

–Jeff Brantley, quoted in“A Buddhist Psychiatrist Explains Why Meditation Isn’t About Relaxing” by Gigi Falk

“Be more curious” should be a mantra. It makes life more interesting. Rediscover the joys of asking “why?” and “what?”, without being the adult that tells you to stop asking so many questions.

On Saturday when I was on gallery duty at Skyeworks I turned around to see the person at the counter snatching their hand back from the loyalty-card tablet, with that slightly sheepish smile we have when we’re caught doing something we’re not sure we should be doing. I smiled; she responded by saying “It said ‘push here’ so I did to see what would happen.” (All it does is wake up the program.) If I could have, I would’ve given her points for curiosity.

Roses: studio cat
What do yellow roses taste like?



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