Monday Motivator: Don’t Do Too Much Preparation for a Painting

Monday Motivator

“The way that you start a painting can have a tremendous influence on its ultimate success or failure. A common tendency is to do too much preparation, or start with too fixed an objective.

… Rather than aiming to create an exact likeness of the subject matter, I think it is more important that the painting itself is interesting and shows a personal interpretation.”

Mike Bernard, “Collage, Colour, and Texture in Painting”, page 8

What makes a painting interesting besides its subject matter? The colours (which doesn’t necessarily equate to “lots of colour” nor bright, saturated colour), the way the paint is applied (the mark making, the brush strokes, the “hand of the artist”), the difference in what you see as you get closer and closer (“rewards close looking”).

Subject and initial composition are the starting point in a painting, not the end point.

SOLD “View Across the Minch from My Studio” by Marion Boddy-Evans (2018). Diptych 120x80cm.)

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