Monday Motivator: Don’t Try to be Perfect

“In some ways it doesn’t matter where you start; the key is to get moving so that you have something down on paper to work with.

“Trying to get everything perfect from the outset can be crippling. You cannot experiment and be flawless at the same time.”

— Artist and author Nick Bantock, in The Trickster’s Hat, page 32

A pristine sheet of paper is full of promise, and hope. The promise of great things that might be created on it, and the hope that you’ll get it right this time.

Hesitating, second-guessing what you’ll do before you do anything, feeds the doubt-monster. Jump in the deep end with enthusiasm and glee, not knowing what kind of a splash you might make but knowing you can swim to the pool’s edge at any time you choose and try it. A piece of paper has two sides.

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