Monday Motivator: Three Questions About Your Dreams (or is it four?)

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

…do we have dreams? Or do dreams have us?”
— Artist and author Nick Bantock, in The Trickster’s Hat, page 146

1. Do you dream in colour or black-and-white or something inbetween?

2. If you’re bilingual, do you dream in your first language only, or also another?

Do post a comment on my blog and let me know.

My answers are: Bilingual. Colour. I suspect a bit of both.

Acrylic inks




4 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Three Questions About Your Dreams (or is it four?)”

  1. Marion… dreams have me, definitely.
    I have had many an artistic inspiration in my dreams. I have a notebook next to my bed to record.

    I dream in color, beautiful colors, sounds, smells and touches. I never know I am dreaming, it is real to me.
    I only know one language while awake, but I seem to understand other languages while dreaming, not speak them, but understand whatever is being said to me.

    Happy Monday! 🙂

  2. Color and since I’m mostly mono-lingual, English. For Nick’s questions: I think we have dreams when we are sleeping, but at times THEY have us when awake.

  3. I know it is said we dream every night. However, I rarely ever remember dreaming. In effect I don’t dream. Over the years I have a couple dreams that I remember but that is all.

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