Monday Motivator: Empathy

“Empathy, like love, has a reputation for softness. It too often reads as compromise or pandering. But empathy, like love, can be radical. It asks everyone to give and see more than they may otherwise feel is possible …

“Art bends and distorts perceptions. It demands comfort with ambiguity, and in an ambiguous world, there may be no more valuable skill.”

Sam Ramos, “Why Connecting Legal and Medical Professionals to Art is Essential“, 24/8/21

There are no guarantees when you pick up a brush, yet we can do it with such hope, in anticipation of channelling our best version of our creative selves, this time. And the next, and the next. Hopes held together by threads of love and empathy for our creative selves .

Seaglass wirework bracelet
Wirework bracelet using some of sea glass I found

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