Monday Motivator: Focus on the Core not the Outline

Art motivational quote“The Greeks don’t start from the outline, they start from the centres, from the cores. …

“This question — Millet draws like that too — more than anyone else — is perhaps the root of all figure painting — is extremely closely related to modelling by drawing directly with a brush — conceived totally differently from Bouguereau and others, who lack interior modelling, are flat compared with G?ricault and Delacroix, and who don’t go beyond the paint.”

— Vincent van Gogh, letter to Theo, c.28 January 1886

This week’s challenge: Going beyond what you know you can do into the as-yet-unknown yonder. Or put more plainly: try something new, whether it’s an approach, subject, or medium.

5 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Focus on the Core not the Outline”

  1. Great to read the word “challenge” from you Marion!
    Thanks God! At last! Lack of your projects makes me less productive. How to contribute a submission for your consideration? And what are “terms and conditions” to get a feedback from you?

  2. Yesterday I tried really new approach. I went out door to paint dunes in the fog. It is interesting that acrylics does not dry, and, on the contrary, it becomes liquid and begins to flow on the canvas. When finished, I found that the iron part of the easel is iced. At home my cats rushed to me to warm. They missed me during the day. You can see my Pixel, discussing the results.

  3. Beautiful cat! Sounds like an interesting (but cold) painting trip! I guess the moisture from the fog and low temperature together stop the acrylic drying until you’re back indoors. Wonder what might happen working on paper, a more absorbent surface? I’ve read about people letting watercolour freeze on paper to give interesting results.

    1. Yes indeed! It stopped me from painting in the third location, as I was not prepared to transport wet canvas and only two could be placed safely in the car. I use to pain on rather big canvas and finish them afterwords in my studio basing on my reference photos of the locations. For this particular painting I am not shure if the composition is well balanced.

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