Monday Motivator: Found vs Developed

Monsieur P Artiste Monday Motivator from Marion Boddy-Evans Isle of Skye art Studio

‘Passions aren’t “found” … They’re developed.

[There are] two mind-sets. One is a “fixed theory of interests” — the idea that core interests are there from birth, just waiting to be discovered — and the other is a “growth theory,” the idea that interests are something anyone can cultivate over time.

…the fixed theory [can] cause people to give up too easily. If something becomes difficult, it’s easy to assume that it simply must not have been your passion, after all.

— Olga Khazan, “‘Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice“, The Atlantic, 12 July 2018

Put aside the expectation that learning to paint and draw should be easy and fast simply because you’ve finally decided now is the time to do it. Give yourself permission to spend the time, however long that turns out to be. Besides, the goalposts move as you learn.

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  1. I agree…passions are developed, but there must have a tendency to seek your talents and the way you were brought up with literature, art , music etc also plays a role. I have recently had lessons in wea

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