Monday Motivator: Grab Teeny Bits of Time

It’s worth a moment to contemplate the wordplay on phrases like “I’ve got no time to paint.” The word “got” implies inventory — like painting time is something you found in your pocket, or at the rear of the pantry.

… I do feel like painting for a little while in the evenings is akin to posting a flag titled “Mine” into a teeny part of the day that would otherwise get away from me, without any art in it at all.

Belinda Del Pasco, “Practicing Watercolor Painting in the Evening

More days with something creative than not, however small, that for me is the aim. Keeping the definition open, because all sorts of things count. It’s a joy to have a studio space where my art supplies and works in progress are always waiting for me, and I can sit surrounded by it on days I can’t paint because I’m out of spoons. The studio cats are ever encouraging, moving brushes from the table to the floor so I get to enjoy the feel of a brush in my hand as I pick them up.

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Grab Teeny Bits of Time”

  1. This was a very timely article for me as I have just ( in the last two weeks)started painting again after a two year gap. I am almost through an oil painting course “Learn to paint like an impressionist “ by a compatriot of yours Malcom Dewey as a way of easing back in. This time I am determined to stop painting becoming all-consuming which was the reason I stopped altogether. The excellent article in the link reinforced this idea and I am confident that painting will, in future, be an enjoyable hobby rather than an obsession. Thank you from me and Fiona.

    1. Pleased to hear you’re getting back to painting Eddie, because as you know there’s a lot of joy to be had. I think watercolour is a medium that lends itself to a limited timeframe because there’s so little setting up or cleaning up, and it’s not as much of a disaster if you get some on the carpet (except for staining pigments)! Have fun.

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