Monday Motivator: Hindered by Hesitation

Monsieur P Artiste Monday Motivator from Marion Boddy-Evans Isle of Skye art Studio

“…working intuitively … when artistic energies are free to exert themselves without being hindered by hesitation.”

— Lawrence C Goldsmith, Watercolor Bold & Free

Like our “common sense” is built on knowledge and experience mixed with our inherent inclinations, so our “artistic intuition” is enhanced by technique/materials knowledge and experience. If you know what types of mark the brush in your hand can make, if you know whether a colour is opaque or transparent, then you don’t have to hesitate and think about this, you can jump that over step onto the next.

The step after techniques and materials is decisiveness. Don’t hesitate while you consider all the permutations of a choice, just choose one, any one. Then base the next choice on what came out of the previous one. Repeat.

Quit thinking there is a perfect, foolproof, results-are-guaranteed choice that will reveal itself if you consider enough options. All you will have achieved is to not have painted.

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