Monday Motivator: How Many Questions Did You Ask Today?

Monday Motivator quote

“… researchers logging questions asked by children aged 14 months to five years found they asked an average of 107 questions an hour.

… high-performing students … saw curiosity as a risk to their results. The questions they asked were aimed at improving their results, whereas the questions asked by more curious students were aimed at understanding a topic more deeply.”

Wendy Berliner, “Schools are Killing Curiosity“, The Guardian 28 January 2020

Being results driven when painting means we’re asking:”How do I get this predetermined result?”. Deviations from the path are judged to be mistakes.

Being curiosity driven when painting means we’re asking:” What happens if I do XYZ”, then responding to the result. Deviations are possibilities.

Be curious until a result emerges, using the rules of art and characteristics of different materials as ingredients not a recipe. A perpetual voyage of discovery.

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