Monday Motivator: Humour is an Element of Creativity

“… joy, humor, and overall goofiness are actually vital for creativity. They are the playful elements that lead to better creative thinking. …

“When teachers use humor (especially observational humor), they are modeling a certain kind of curiosity and a willingness to look at life from a different angle. While this might not seem like an inherently creative act, curiosity is often the starting point for creativity. At some point, you move from questioning and exploring into making.

” … play often inspires deeper creativity. … a relaxed, non-threatening way to question everything

“… if we choose to be creative in the small things — if we embrace the goofy and silly and ridiculous and humorous — we have embraced that mindset that allows us to be creative in the big things.”

John Spencer, Five Ways Humor Boosts Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving in the Classroom, 16 Sept 2019

Monsieur P big pencil
Monsieur P and the BIg Paint Tube

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