Monday Motivator: Ink vs Pencil

“Working in ink gives you two options — you can simply not draw, or you can draw and face whether or not your marks came out as you intended them to. There’s no in between.

“… Where success shows us where we are currently, failure shows us what our next steps might be.”

Irshad Karim, “Why Ink?“, Draw a Box

With pencil, you can change your mind and erase, you can doubt yourself and do a light line first. Ink forces you to keep going forwards, to respond and adapt, to live with mistakes and inperfections. Counter-intuitively, drawing with ink is easier than with pencil because you’re instantly committed, it reduces choices.

One Reply to “Monday Motivator: Ink vs Pencil”

  1. That’s how I find it! I like drawing with markers or pens…but when I use a pencil, I’m more hesitant. Thank you. Your Monday Motivator are always thought provoking!

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