Monday Motivator: It Could Happen Today

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“Whatever can happen at any time can happen today.”

— Seneca, Letters from a Stoic

Upon reading this quote did you immediately think of something “bad”?

I did.

Then, on pondering it, I realised that these words could, clearly, also apply to “good things”. Such as “today is the day I draw a perfect ellipse first attempt”.

I think evolution has hardwired our brains into first thinking of the dangers of life as a protection mechanism. Our multiple-greats-grandmother didn’t want to be standing there thinking “that lion has such beautiful golden fur”, she needed the instinct to get up a tree to kick in. (Yes, I know, lions can climb trees, but they seldom do.)

It takes conscious, on-going effort to “always look on the bright side of life” (a Monty Python reference from The Life of Brian if you didn’t already know).

So, when I pick up a brush today, what might happen that I’m hoping for at some point but not expecting today? Maybe something good, maybe the “I’ve ruined it” disaster, maybe nothing. Anticipation and hope, let that fuel your brush today too.

Rothko painting colours in the clouds
Sometimes it feels like I live in a Rohko colourscape painting.

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: It Could Happen Today”

  1. EXACTLY! when I first read it, I immediately thought about the worst day in my life, which unexpectedly occurred over 26 years ago… after that day, I was acutely aware that you never knew what was around the corner and each minute could be the “minute before”

    Looking at it from a positive view point has taken me a while and reminders like this are critical to keeping on track.

    Today is great, tomorrow will be greater!

    If Monty Python says ?always look on the bright side of life? it MUST be true! :)

    Thank you!

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