Monday Motivator: Location Painting vs Studio

Monday Motivator Inspirational Art Quote

“With landscape paintings, the wind’s always blowing, the light’s changing, the tide’s going in or out, but at home in a room the person can come back and sit in the same place with the same clothes on and it’s a deeper process, but it’s not so exhilarating. I’d like to mix the two processes up together.”

Jean Cooke, “Jean Cooke Profile” by Nell Dunn in “Jean Cooke: Ungardening”, published by the Garden Museum, page 65

I think one of the reasons I enjoy painting at the same locations repeatedly is because the familiarity of the landscape is a comfort zone, like being in my studio, but the differences each time because of the weather, season, time of day, tide, sea conditions, refresh the challenge.

As for wearing the same clothes each time, I know which of my various denim shirts I’m wearing from the colours of the paint on it. Today’s has a splash of gold on the left sleeve and a ‘librarian’ pinbadge that reads “Shhhh happens”.

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