Monday Motivator: Make Your Own Museum of Happiness

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“I’ve made my own Museum of
Happiness, which isn’t built of brick
or stone or wood, its walls the thickness
of the day …

“I’ll carry it around with me to pitch
beside the sea, in a field or by
that river, a billowing rickety marquee,
a travelling show of personal delights
performing one night only & forever.”

From the poem “Happiness” by Stuart A Paterson


How about a small sketchbook as a pocket Museum of Happiness? Carry it around to make notes of things seen and heard, thoughts, sketch, doodles, to stick in things so it’s a sketchbook-cum-scrapbook-cum-journal-cum-things-that-made-me-smile-book .

The only rule — if some else wants to take a look, you show them because why wouldn’t you share happiness?

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