Monday Motivator: What Makes a Good Painting

Monsieur P painting

“…good painting is not just about technical virtuosity.

… good paintings are those that genuinely move people in unexpected ways and this, in turn, requires that the painter be moved in ways that most people are not”

Jerry Fresia, “A Painter?s Response to the Renoir Protest”, 17 November 2015

And to be moved in ways most people are not, you’re inevitably not going to be like most people. Society likes to put us in a little box with a label, to classify us, to limit and set expectations, to create order through uniformity. Yet some of us live with, and enjoy, skew horizons rather than straighten them.

As my favourite line from Monty Python’s Life of Brian tells us: “Yes, we are all individuals.” (Look it up if you’re not familiar with the scene.)

We are all individuals

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  1. How very true Marion. To me one of the most flattering things someone can say is that they recognised one of my pieces without knowing it was mine.. whether they love or hate it!! individuality as an artist is what we all strive for. That creativity is an extension of our personality…and if that makes us a bit quirky who cares . ?

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