Monday Motivator: Memory and Imagination

“Imagination is interwoven and closely related to memory; in part it is a reshaping, or recombining, of memories in new and different ways.

Albert Handell and Leslie Trainor Handell, Intuitive Composition, p14

Memories from locations I visit regularly become a compilation, supplemented by unusual elements, such as seeing seals on the slipway at Camus Mor. What I remember isn’t what the in-house art critic recalls because we are forever experiencing things simultaneously but individually. We have always forgotten more than we can remember, and don’t always remember what we think we will. The station bench in Berlin with the human anatomy has outlasted the name of the museum.

Sitting at the sea side

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  1. When you mention seals I see a seal on a colourful pedestal balancing a ball on his nose as in the first circus show I saw as a child.

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