Monday Motivator: Multifarious Simultaneousness

Monsieur P big pencilI was browsing through Monet and Modernism for today’s quote but discovered I’d used my first and my second choices already, but kept coming back to them as they echo where I feel I am with my supersized daisies. So, here they are again:

“In order to truly see nature anew and not merely register it, habitual perception must be made more difficult… [by] merely suggesting rather than sharply delineating objects, emphasising ambiguity and openness, employing serial methods, and including the viewer in art [a painting] becomes an incarnation of the creative process.”

“… While the existing natural forms remain the same… their appearance changes with the time of day, light, and atmospheric conditions. Similar to the way memory takes things separate in time and assembles them into a new entity. …the actual subject of the art is not an event proceeding in linear fashion but multifarious simultaneousness of layers of time.

— Art historian Karin Sagner-Duchting writing about Monet in “Monet and Modernism”, pages 29 and 46/7

I find myself entranced by the seemingly familiar; you think you know but, the more you look, the more you see and the more you realise there is too explore. Few are the subjects I can draw or paint once and then move on forever.


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