Monday Motivator: Nature is Rarely Still

“The artist finds waiting for [them], not the trees, not the flowers, not the landscape, but the waving of branches and the trembling of stems, the piling up or scudding of clouds, the rising and setting and waxing and waning of heavenly bodies, the creeping of spilled water on the floor, the repertory of the sea — from ripple and wavelet to tide and torrent”

Calvin Harlan, “Vision and Invention”, page 171

If nature weren’t full of inherent movement, would the category of still life painting have been called thus?

Still life painting typewriter: "You're My Type"
“You’re My Type” 50x50cm

One Reply to “Monday Motivator: Nature is Rarely Still”

  1. I love the summer breeze in the tree leaves…the rustling sound and the changes in the dappled sunlight… beautiful to watch and listen to, difficult to capture visually.. 🙂

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