Monday Motivator: Painting a Memory Landscape

“When I need a break from whatever project I’m working on, I often like to paint small. And I like to paint from memory.

“A small piece painted from memory doesn’t ask for detail. It simply asks for shapes and contours and changes in value.

“For me, as a landscape painter, it asks me to remember impressions, the way I felt in a place. I can invent the color and the way the light moves across these imagined landscapes. Trees grow where I want them to grow and I get to decide what time of day it is.”

Lyn Asselta, Saturdays at the Cove, 1 May 2021

One Reply to “Monday Motivator: Painting a Memory Landscape”

  1. YES! painting is an expression of our feelings… I can use my camera to make a perfect image.. Thank You. 🙂

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