Monday Motivator: Painting to Assert Order in a Disordered World

Monday motivator art quotes

“In the face of a disordered world, I paint to assert order. There is nothing romantic or flamboyant about either about my personality, or the way I paint my pictures. I paint in a way that’s not all that different from the way I clean out and organize my closet. I have moments of inspiration or intuition, but I mostly plod along doing my job.

… Painting has a meaning for me that cleaning my closet doesn’t, but neither of them are rarefied activities. Whatever higher meaning there is in my paintings, even for me, shows up only after they are finished.

… I spend most of my painting time fixing my own mistakes. … For me, painting consists of continuously changing my mind until I reach the point where if I change it one more time I’ll have to repaint the whole painting.”

Laurie Fendrich, “Confessions of an Abstract Painter“, The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 May 2002

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