Monday Motivator: Perfection is Procrastination

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“Students often think that perfection is the greatest art. They want their money’s worth — the picture has to tell everything. But who can draw the perfection of nature? If you really want perfection, you could spend your life on one picture. You’d never get every detail, there’d always be more to do. From that point of view it doesn’t matter if you stop halfway to perfection … or a quarter of the way.”
— Emile Gruppe, Brushwork

What are you not painting because you know you can’t do it perfectly?

What are you not even trying to do because you think you can’t do it perfectly?

What are you putting off doing until “some day” when you will magically be able do it perfectly?

What painting are you overworking and obsessing over in the belief there is a state of perfection?

What have you given up trying to do because you believe perfection is the only desirable result?

Motivaror Art Quote Emile Gruppe

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