Monday Motivator: Playful Beginnings Develop Courage

Monday Motivator Inspirational Art Quote

“Experimentation skips over study and a playful beginning develops courage. … not to imitate, but rather to seek on our own and to learn how to find independently … the result is the student’s own experience and possession, because it has been learned rather than taught.

“Learning is better than teaching because it is more intensive: the more we teach, the less students can learn.

“We know that this emphasis on learning is a longer path, one that leads to detours and dead ends. But beginnings are never straightforward. And learning from one’s mistakes fosters progress. Deliberate detours and allowing oneself to become lost in a controlled fashion sharpen one’s critical faculties, lead by way of mistakes to that which is more intelligent, call forth the will to find the right and better way.”

Joseph Albers, “Teaching Form Through Practice“, Bauhaus, 2 no. 3, 1928.

Going outside your comfort zone without the desire for a good end result but simply to see what happens. Easier said than done but gets easier with repetition, in a safe and encouraging environment, and without other people saying unhelpful things like “what’s that supposed to be?”.

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