Monday Motivator: Plein Air vs Studio Paintings

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“I think of plein air paintings as having the ‘freshness of youth’ while studio paintings can have a more mature kind of beauty born from slow consideration.”

Ann Lofquist

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Plein Air vs Studio Paintings”

  1. Hi! Such poetic comparison!
    In my long outdoor trips I use both photo and plain air painting to fix my emotions and to decide about “encoding” of colour scheme. I can use such spontaneous “discoveries” later on in a studio works (or reinvent the scheme basing on detail analysis of the reference photos of such trip.) Thank you Marion for removing my fear of plain air painting!
    This plain air painting (60×90 cm 2 hours) of 2013 a year later became a base for more sophisticated painting of the same size (2 weeks to finish) based on the reference photo from the same trip.

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