Monday Motivator: Preserving Pebbles

“Right at the start I said that at night I could listen to pebbles being made, but it would be more accurate to say that I hear them being destroyed, as they’re slowly ground down to sand by the waves.

“Could it be that, perhaps without really knowing why, we take pebbles home with us to preserve them, like helping a hedgehog cross a busy road?

“By taking pebbles away from the beach, we arrest an otherwise ineluctable process of dissolution and decay. It’s as if we are trying to stop time on its tracks.”

John G. Frances, “Beach Rambles in Search of Seaside Pebbles and Crystals”, page 104 (via arumbellowphotography)

I’m definitely a member of the Save the Pebbles Society. And the seashell. And the feather. And driftwood. And seaglass. Maybe it’s just that sea sand can’t be easily carried in my hand?

“8 Pebbles”, watercolour on paper.

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  1. The rocky shore of Lake Huron is a mile away from my home. I cannot visit without a pocket full of special treasures. I like the idea of saving them😍💙🎶🎶🎶

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