Monday Motivator: Procrastination

Monday Motivator

“We procrastinate when we think we can’t handle the stress or difficulty of one or more tasks, or we don’t trust ourselves to handle any bad outcomes we fear from doing those tasks … If we trusted ourselves completely, we could just do the task and deal with the stress that comes from it, and deal with whatever comes after.”

Leo Babauta, “Building Trust in Yourself“, Zen Habits

Dealing with the outcome of what we did with a pencil or brush, the gap between what we envisaged doing and actually did. The fear of getting it wrong before we’ve even tried. Rarely permitting ourselves the time and materials and headspace to learn because we expect it to happen faster.

We need a safe, nurturing environment to develop creatively, not a critical, judgemental one. As we’re so often our own harshest critic, turning down the volume of this self-criticism is crucial. Procrastinate with the criticism not the creating.

I don’t often use graphite pencil when drawing or painting the sea, but on this day I was motivated to try by having “pencil drawing homework” to do for an online expressive drawing workshop led by artist Alan McGowan (he’s a figurative artist but we could draw anything). I pleasantly surprised myself and have tried again since. Looking at it today, I feel reminded about the weight of a line (how dark or light as well as the width) and more careful observation/depiction.

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