Monday Motivator: Pure Colour Jumps

Monday motivator art quotes

One of the moments from grad school that sticks with me is when Frances Barth … was critiquing … I had a moment of pure Cadmium Red in the painting and she was explaining that pure hued color jumps up to the surface of the painting and does not sit in the space of the painting because it’s unmediated by other pigments.

… in the past bunch of years I’ve noticed that the painters I’m most interested in … use color that comes up to the surface and jumps out of the space of the painting, so that the painting inhabits sculptural space rather than “painting space.” By “sculptural space” I mean the painting inhabits and impacts the space that the viewer is in rather than inviting the viewer to inhabit its illusionistic space.

Gideon Bok, “The color I see”, Two Coats of Paint 5 October 2020

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