Monday Motivator: Relearn the Art of Play

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“If we are to see beyond the periphery, we must first learn to let go of self-seriousness and relearn the art of play. … If you can learn to tap into your true motivations and passions, then your creative drive will automatically follow. But to find those driving forces you’ll need to loosen the reins and take on the mantle of mischief.”

Nick Bantock, “The Trickster’s Hat”, page 6

Talking to a craftmaker yesterday, she expressed envy at kids playing amongst some trees with their dogs, saying she wished she could still play. When I asked why she’d stopped, she thought then said she didn’t know. My guess was someone probably told her it was time she became a “responsible adult” (along with the impact of making your own way in the world, earning a living).

Why is being “adult” is interpreted by so many as meaning you need to be weighed down by life, never expecting it to be otherwise? You can be responsible and serious while remaining playful, curious, joyful, creative, whimsical.

It’s not about having a “sense of humour”, it’s about taking delight in everyday things, about following the “what if I…” impulses, poking at buttons to see what they do before reading the instructions manual, not knowing the outcome before you start, colouring-in outside the lines.

Let your aim be to choose to laugh rather than to cry, not only in public but when you’re by yourself too. And suppress the expectation that it ought to be easy.

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