Monday Motivator: Rename the Colors in Your Palette

Monday motivator art quotes

“… there is nothing stopping you from giving your [paints] new names to suit your own outlook. And doing so may not only shift how you see them, it may change how you use them, and in effect how you see the rest of the colors around you when you take the time to pause, observe, and consider.”

Jess Greenleaf, Inventing Color

The names Undersea Green, Moonglow, Shadow Violet, Lunar Black, Sleeping Beauty are poetical, generating a smile and evoking my imagination as I reach to dip my brush into them (and all actual watercolour colours by Daniel Smith).

I have mental images rather than words for some of my standard colours: cobalt blue is the colour of a snow shower on the sea, Prussian blue is a heavy rain shower, cadmium and lemon yellow are daffodil (separate but always together).


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