Monday Motivator: Seeing Various Aspects

Art motivational quote

“If we think of an object, let us say a violin, it does not appear in the eye of our mind as we would see it with our bodily eyes. We can, and in fact do, think of its various aspects at the same time. Some of them stand out so clearly that we feel we can touch and handle them; others are somehow blurred. And yet this strange medley of images represents more if the ‘real’ violin than any single snapshot or meticulous painting could ever contain.”

— Picasso, quoted in Interpreting Cezanne by Paul Smith, page 73

And thus Cubism was born, parented by Braque and Picasso. Such as this violin painting.

I think painting a series, the same subject again and again, also explores this, albeit segmented onto different canvases not all on one.

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