Monday Motivator: Self-Seriousness (or not)

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote “If we are to see beyond the periphery, we must first learn how to let go of self-seriousness and relearn the art of play.”

— Artist and author Nick Bantock, in The Trickster’s Hat, page 6

Art is serious business, a serious activity, requires serious concentration. But is that the same as taking yourself seriously? You can be passionate about it, determined, driven, but still light hearted. You can have serious fun.

Another term Nick Bantock uses that I like is “Non-Critical Self-Observation”. An awareness of what you’re doing without the harsh critical inner voice going on and on and on. As we so often say in a shop/gallery: “I’m just looking”.

(I discovered after I’d written the above that I’ve used a longer version of this quote before, a couple of years ago, see Monday Motivator: Relearn the Art of Play.)

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  1. Thank you for these Monday Motivators… Life is serious, but we can still have fun! :)

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