Monday Motivator: The Allure of Semi-Abstraction

Monday Motivator

“Semiabstraction is not a style; it is a viewpoint toward nature that results in paintings which integrate identifiable subject matter and formal design structure. This integration establishes an independent equilibrium between nature and design in which neither dominates the other.

“… Look for shapes that have a certain energy or vitality to them … If a shape is unclear or uninteresting, redesign it, improve on it. Make a painting that appeals purely on the level of shape and pattern relationships.”

Edward Betts, “Creative Landscape Painting”, page 84

A painting is a conglomerate of shapes. As the artist, it’s up to us to decide what to include and to leave out, how to represent them, what to dictate and what to suggest. That’s why impressionist, expressionist, semi-abstract art is ultimately the more interesting artistic playground for me.

Colours of Skye

4 Replies to “Monday Motivator: The Allure of Semi-Abstraction”

    1. I think it becomes a do we see shape first or pebble question, an enjoyable chicken and egg question about observation. I do know in this instance it was shape because that’s I picked these out on beach.

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