Monday Motivator: Set Your Drawing Up For Success

“If you have only recently started to draw, then try to avoid symmetrical machine-made objects if possible, Your drawings of them will probably be inhibited, and they will tend to signal that you have failed to master their precise symmetry.

“…choose objects that are flexible, and give license to make mistakes without it making a great deal of difference.”

“Drawing Projects” by Nick Maslen and Jack Southern, page 44

As an example of not-quite-symmetrical objects, take a look at your fingers. I can, at times, get perhaps-too-absorbed looking at the differences between the two sides of a finger (looking at them with my palm down) and between fingers. The most symmetrical are my forefingers; the least my middle and there the lefthand one skews at the top joint . Ultimately a drawing of my hand just needs to feel plausible, and most of all enjoyed in the making thereof.

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