Monday Motivator: Shade & Shelter

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“The same kind of shade and shelter [is to] be found in an aisle of books and an avenue of trees, and in the longevity of both…”

— Rebecca Solnit
(In Praise of Libraries and the Forests That Surround Them, Literary Hub, 19 July 2017)

There’s something calming and reassuring yet inspiring about the company of books and the company of trees. Likewise art (well, some of it). And sitting at the sea shore. Seeing/looking/reading and contemplating, knowing it’ll never cease to be compelling, yet ultimately remain untangible and unfinishable.

It’s never the same because we change too. We can revisit past chapters in our life, but can’t know how the story’s going to go until we get to a page.

Pebble beach on Skye, Minch sea

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