Monday Motivator: Sounds Soften

Monsieur P painting

“The eternal sound of the sea on every side has a tendency to wear away the edge of human thought and perception; sharp outlines become blurred and softened like a sketch in charcoal.”

— Poet Celia Thaxter, Among the Isles of Shoals

Perhaps this is why it’s so restful sitting on the shore listening to waves, whether lapping gently or roaring in. Or listening to the wind whisper through the trees in a woodland. Or bumblebees buzzing around the rose hedge.

34Lewis-with-Les-May13 (129)I came across this quote while looking through a newly arrived book, Childe Hassam An Island Garden Revisited (on page 13, if you want to know). He’s an American Impressionist (who I suspect I ought to have known about already but didn’t) and a joyous discovery that complements my love of Monet’s seascapes. I’m still in the “look at the pictures, read the captions and chapter openers” stage, so don’t know very much about him yet except that his paintings are inspiring. I also found this program on him.

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