Monday Motivator: Stumbling into Ideas

Monday Motivator Inspirational Art Quote

“When I am actually drawing, and not just thinking about drawing, I stumble across much more interesting concepts. I use that word, ‘stumble’, very deliberately, as it often seems to me that the best ideas are accidental and I just happen to be witness to them.

“… what I choose NOT to draw becomes just as important as what I choose to include.

“The process of physically drawing something engages not only your mind, but your eyes and your hands as well. It seems to me that all of this additional sensory input can’t help but to inspire you better than just thought alone.”

Dan dos Santos, Thinking On Paper, Muddy Colors

A drawing doesn’t have to start with a predetermined endpoint, a vision of exactly how it’s going to turn out, or even an idea of how it might turn out. You can, and may, let it evolve and develop as you draw i.e. make it up as you go along. Think of it as heading into the part of the map where it used to say “here be dragons” i.e. we don’t know what exists here but some of us enjoy going here to find out.

Monsieur P big pencil

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